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      Manual hydraulic transport vehicle

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      Manual hydraulic transport vehicle

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      Manual hydraulic van is a compact and convenient, flexible use, large carrying capacity, durable goods handling tools, commonly known as "cattle". In addition to handling car consignment function, in order to facilitate the landing of goods, with a hydraulic device between car and ground wheel, can easily be pushed into the car body under the base, and then use the hydraulic will land increased, hold up the goods, can drag the goods movement, arrival, hydraulic chassis will also landed cargo landing, can find convenient handling car. Eliminating the complex process of manpower handling.    

      Manual hydraulic handling car small volume hydraulic device, easy to operate, easy to use. The handle design conforms to the human body engineering principle, has three big functions: to enhance, to carry, to lay down. Integral casting cylinder, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, high quality steel plate, chrome piston rod, the internal relief valve to provide overload protection, down speed control, valve core using the whole piece, reduce maintenance costs. Is a good helper for the workshop cargo handling.  

      , a hydraulic manual handling car hydraulic manual handling car, classification of galvanized stainless steel manual hydraulic truck, quickly advanced hydraulic manual handling car and heavy hydraulic manual handling car.    

      Two, manual hydraulic van truck features also called small moving tanks, heavy transport, cattle. Mainly used for handling all kinds of machinery or other heavy objects, can be matched with the top hand jack lifting tool used together, reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency.

      1, door frame selection of heavy column steel, cold bending forming. The door frame is stronger, safer, more sensitive and convenient to operate.

      2, manual hydraulic handling car oil cylinder selection of high precision grinding tube, imported oil seal, one type of valve core, convenient to disassemble and repair. On the way, promotion speed circulation, greatly improve the safety.

      3, hydraulic manual handling car selection leading spray technology, improve the product appearance and durability with the hydraulic manual handling car.

      4, manual hydraulic transport vehicle is a non polluting manual hydraulic transport vehicles, transport, sensitive, sensitive, small turning radius, etc..

      5, hydraulic manual handling car is suitable for production workshop, production workshop, warehouse, station, wharf, airport and so on, the use of fire and explosion proof requirements especially applicable to the places, such as printing workshop, all kinds of oil storage, chemical warehouse etc..

      6, hydraulic manual handling car painted in transit, not only can reduce the bump, scratch, even cut the workload and accumulation range, greatly improve the working efficiency of.

      Three, hydraulic manual handling car purchase points

      Manual pallet truck: manual pallet truck is mainly used in the level of the need to transport the occasion, the user can choose according to the different conditions of the most suitable model. Manual pallet trucks are divided into standard type, quick lifting type, low level, galvanized steel / stainless steel type, tube type, electronic heavy, 5T heavy duty; carrying capacity of 1 tons to 5 tons, the operating channel width is generally 2.3 ~ 2.8 meters.

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