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      Hydraulic dump truck

      Hydraulic dump truck

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      Hydraulic pile high car (manual hydraulic pile high) is a non powered, no pollution of the high car. This kind of piled high car has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible transportation, easy operation, small turning radius, etc.. Is suitable for the factory, workshop, warehouse, station, wharf and other goods handling and stacking, for those who have fire prevention, anti riot requirements of venues (such as printing workshop, oil depot, docks, warehouses, etc.) is more applicable. If the container with tray and container transport units can be realized, can effectively reduce the collision, and scratch parts of the stacking area, reduce handling work, improve handling efficiency.

      A, hydraulic pile high car (manual hydraulic pile high car) working principle:

      Through the hand or foot the hydraulic oil into the oil tank, push the piston rod, to lift the effect.

      Manual hydraulic forklift truck, piled high car (foot pedal)

      Two, Jingxin hydraulic stacker (manual hydraulic stacker) main features:

      High quality hydraulic oil cylinder, import seal, safety and reliability

      Compact design, precise, high strength structure

      Fork structure: fixed, adjustable

      Control mode can be made: hand pressure, foot

      Three, hydraulic pile high car (manual hydraulic pile high car) technical parameters

      Rated up to Kg 1000

      Maximum lifting height customers request custom sizes mm 1600

      Fork - low - level customer request custom size 85-100 mm

      Fork adjustment width customer request size mm 200 ~ 580

      Fork length customer request size 800-1000 mm

      Load center distance 400-500 mm

      Lifting speed mm/ times 20

      Speed controlled control Can

      The turning radius is less than 1400 mm

      Dimensions of customer requirements

      A * B * F full length mm A 1200

      Full width mm B 720

      All high mm F 1990

      Weight kg 125

      The front wheel diameter of 80 mm.

      The rear wheel diameter mm Phi 180

      Four, hydraulic pile high car (manual hydraulic pile high car) the purchase guide

      Need to pay attention to several parameters of the high car type selection:

      1 the scope of the load

      2 lifting height

      3 fork width adjustment range

      4 fork length

      5 leg spacing

      6 special and the height of the leg

      The confirmation of the above parameters will directly affect the selection of products for the use of the conditions, in addition, there are special requirements need to be confirmed.

      Jingxin company of different specifications can be customized according to user requirements, lengthened, widened, free design of non-standard hydraulic stacker.


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