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      Crank arm type lift for diesel engine

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      Crank arm type lift for diesel engine

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      Diesel engine crank lift mode for double arm hydraulic support or three hydraulic support, due to the folding mode of hydraulic crank lift, and its performance determines the volume of the support arm support load is small, the weight is not suitable for direct crank arm type lifting locomotive large, large lifting objects. Generally, the lifting height of the supporting arm of the arm type folding elevator is 6-13 meters, and the height of the large curved arm lift is up to 18 meters. Crank lift running power can be divided into diesel power, electric power, mechanical traction, lifting power can be divided into (220V) AC DC electric machine, diesel and battery three forms, usually by solid-state DC battery as the power source, without external power supply to electric hoist, electric walking etc. alternating current; usually crank lift stops at the working position, external power line connection lifts, electric lift to achieve lift.     

      Diesel crank arm lift: no external power supply, suitable for the field of high altitude erection work, with diesel motor force drive to walk and lift, power, walking speed. Trailer arm lift: can be linked to the car, and the car synchronization, suitable for outdoor high-altitude operations. Lifting mode: 1, with 380-220V power 2, with the power is not convenient, you can use the battery to drive up and down. Beautiful appearance, easy to walk. Vehicle mounted arm lift: the crank arm type lift is installed in the car, the use of automobile power driven lift. Suitable for far distance field aerial work. Diesel crank arm lift is an indispensable equipment for high-altitude operations, but also to the high altitude operation of the equipment.

      The crank arm type elevator is divided into: a trailer type elevator, a vehicle mounted elevator, a crank arm aerial working machine, a self walking elevator. SJC type aerial vehicle using Jiangling, Dongfeng Cassidy automobile chassis, the folding arm (two arms, three arms), operating height of 12-18 meters, rated load 200kg, the lifting arm 360 rotary turntable, bucket two can operate. The product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, safety, reliability and beautiful appearance, and is a high altitude working equipment which is the optimization of safety and work efficiency. Four hydraulic support legs are assembled with the vehicle, and the supporting leg type is H type, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the whole vehicle during operation. The crank arm aerial vehicles are widely used in municipal, electricity, lighting, advertising, communications, photography, gardening, transportation, ports, airports and ports, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries of the installation and maintenance and climbing.

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