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      Hotel dishes

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      Hotel dishes

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      The hotel food machine (dish machine) is a kind of customized products, need to design, pricing based on customer size, price is not the price label products, please contact with our company, and inform the use of hoistway, reserved space and required load, the height of each floor, get preferential price! Division I will be in accordance with the situation of different customers, recommend suitable lifting equipment, to meet the different needs of different customers.

      The hotel is also called the elevator, the elevator, the elevator and so on. Its function is the same as the manned elevator, which can be delivered to every room. Maximum load can be set according to customer needs, bridge box size, floor height, etc.. The dishes are two layers, frame structure. Automatic leveling layer to stop, the display is open and close, each layer has up and down protection function, overweight brake box alarm function. This figure for workers to take the chopsticks into the box bridge.

      The hotel food machine generally can be divided into two types, one is the floor, his size is bigger, bigger load, has a safety function overspeed and overload, and the bottom flat on the ground, can be directly into the dining car, very convenient.

      There is a window type, he has the advantage of small area, the smallest not covers an area of 1 square meters, he is efficient, energy saving, the lowest only 1.1KW can use, and convenient installation, is convenient to the encapsulation of decoration.

      With the development of the times, dish machine has become a necessity for the hotel hotel, he is safe and reliable, long service life, flexible and comfortable, energy saving and environmental protection, it is the kitchen staff lifelong companion.

      Two, the hotel dish machine basic parameters:

      Civil requirements: no need to pit bottom

      Material: stainless steel

      Application place: Hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, villa

      Voltage: 220V/380V

      Power: 1.5KW

      Equipment installation requirements: indoor installation can also be installed outdoors

      Frequency of use: no limit

      Maintenance frequency: 1 years / time

      Maintenance costs: 100 yuan / year

      Service life: 12 years

      Rated speed: 0.65m/s

      Rated load: 200 (kg)

      Specifications: 600x800mm

      Drive mode: pull type

      Usage: hotel elevator

      Model: KCR-759C

      Operation control mode: button control

      Three, the use of the hotel dish machine notes

      1 before the preparation of dishes:

      1) drivers should be in the daily work, the first pass the dishes on the ladder, the next trial several times, check whether the fault and abnormal phenomenon.

      2) dish machine called the dumbwaiter.

      3) the driver should verify the door contact and lock function, try to make the car moving off the elevator should immediately stop.

      4) should pay attention to the car stop station leveling accuracy, no significant abnormal gap.

      2 vegetables in travel notes:

      1) driver in Business Hours, not absent without leave, such as to leave shall be closed the door.

      2) the driver should be responsible for the supervision of the car load does not exceed the rated weight.

      3) do not allow the shipment of flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods.

      4) must be closed off dumbwaiter door started before the opening in the dumbwaiter, prohibited the dumbwaiter door case, start the dumbwaiter for general travel.

      5) the car top, remove the fixed equipment belonging to the cargo elevator, do not store other objects; in addition to maintenance personnel, other people are not allowed to enter the.

      6) dumbwaiter at work, cleaning, lubricating or mechanical repair is prohibited.

      3 dish machine failure or loss of normal working hours shall immediately notify the maintenance personnel to repair, if there is a danger or may cause person, mechanical accident, stop immediately cut off the total power room, report management, to conduct a detailed examination and repair, it can be used.

      The 4 dish machine after stopping work: when elevator work is completed, the driver should be returned to the base station should be both within and outside of the car; the car check before leaving the driver wide, close to the lights.

      Four, the hotel pass the relevant product name: the transfer of food and vegetables to the elevator, the price of vegetables

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