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      Full electric forklift truck

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      Full electric forklift truck

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      Full electric stacker forklift with motor as power and battery energy of an industrial handling vehicles, refers to pieces of pallet for loading and unloading, wheeled carrying vehicles piled high, stacking and short distance transportation. The international organization for standardization ISO/TC110 known as industrial vehicles. Electric stacker includes all electric forklift trucks, semi electric stacker, forward type full electric stacker, forklift forward type full electric stacker, forklift forward type all electric forklift truck, walking counterbalanced all electric forklift truck.    

      Buy points all electric forklift trucks:

      1, according to the work function of all electric forklift forklift electric stacker of the basic operation function is divided into horizontal conveying and stacking / pick up, loading / unloading and sorting. According to the operating function of the enterprise to achieve the company's products from the company's products in the preliminary determination. In addition, the special operating function will affect the specific configuration of stacker, such as handling the paper, such as molten iron, high car pile installation is required to perform a specific function.  

      2, according to the operation requirements of all electric forklift forklift operation requirements including pallets or specification of goods, lifting height, operation channel width, gradeability General requirements, also need to consider the work habits (such as car or station driving habits) and efficiency (vehicle type the different efficiency of different requirements and so on).    

      3, according to the operation environment of all electric forklift forklift if enterprises need handling of goods or warehouse have requirements for noise and other aspects of environmental protection, in the choice of models and configuration should be taken into consideration.

      If it is in the cold storage or in the explosion-proof requirements of the environment, the stack of high car configuration should also be cold storage type or explosion-proof type. Carefully review work flow of stacker, need to go through the place, imagine the possible problems, for example, out of storage when the door of stacker is out of the elevator, the elevator; height and bearing of stacker; upstairs floor bearing operation, whether meet the corresponding requirements, finally considering all the factors that determine the final all electric forklift forklift models and technical parameters.


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