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      Whether all electric forklift forklift need registration inspection?

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      Whether all electric forklift forklift need registration inspection?

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      Whether all electric forklift forklift need registration inspection?

      Full electric stacker forklift also known as the "automatic stacker" full electric stacker "pallet truck" and "automatic stacker" full electric stacker "and so on, is the electric power of the battery as energy storage equipment, motor as a power source. Its main function is to lift the weight to the desired height. Generally used in the warehouse, workshop and other places need logistics transportation, with the use of pallets, can greatly improve the efficiency of storage.

      All electric forklift truck

      Of course, all electric forklift truck and forklift is a special industrial equipment. Since it is the industrial equipment, if need to ordinary diesel forklift or forklift as licensing, inspection? I think the problem is a lot of storage responsible person would like to know!

      For this issue, the State General Administration of quality supervision, the official terms are:

      China Quality Inspection special 2010 No. 22 "on the addition of special equipment directory notice" according to the "special equipment safety supervision regulations" (State Council Decree No. 549th) regulations, approved by the State Council, the State Quality Inspection Administration formulated the "supplementary" catalogue of special equipment: forklift "special equipment directory" in "internal combustion counterbalanced forklift, battery forklift trucks, internal combustion forklift side, straddle forklift, forklift, forklift trucks, pallet stacking to three stacker, forklift" adjustment for supplement catalog "";


      Requirements on safety supervision and inspection:

      The car factory equipment included in the "directory", the original provisions can continue around the local provincial quality and technical supervision departments, in accordance with the relevant documents of the original execution to carry out inspection, registration, supervision and inspection work, working procedures and requirements will not change.

      The "Regulations on safety supervision of special equipment" (People's Republic of China State Council Decree No. 549th) article thirty-eighth: boiler, pressure vessel, elevator, crane, passenger ropeway, large recreation facilities, field (factory) special motor vehicle operators and related management personnel (hereinafter referred to as the special equipment operating personnel) shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions the state of the special equipment safety supervision department examination qualified, obtains the national unified format certificate of special operations personnel be engaged in operating or management.

      The official documents show that the full electric stacker, counterbalanced battery forklift, diesel forklift, forklift, forward type forklift trucks and other lifting and driving device provided by mechanical power is the need for inspection.

      However, all electric forklift trucks, full electric pallet truck, semi electric truck, manual handling car, semi electric stacker, manual hydraulic forklift trucks and other equipment, because the operation of more than one mobility, so it is not necessary to sign the inspection!

      Jingxin lifting equipment Co. Ltd is a professional R & D, production car type electric forklift, full (half) electric forklift truck, 2 tons of electric forklift handling lifting equipment: electric forklift manufacturers selling 400-0253-166.

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