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      Cleaning and maintenance of manual hydraulic transport vehicle

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      Cleaning and maintenance of manual hydraulic transport vehicle

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      Hydraulic manual handling car cleaning and maintenance points

      Manual hydraulic van is a compact and convenient, flexible use, large carrying capacity, durable goods handling tools, commonly known as "cattle". In addition to handling car consignment function, in order to facilitate the landing of goods, with a hydraulic device between car and ground wheel, can easily be pushed into the car body under the base, and then use the hydraulic will land increased, hold up the goods, can drag the goods movement, arrival, hydraulic chassis will also landed cargo landing, can find convenient handling car. Eliminating the complex process of manpower handling. Its cleaning and maintenance points are as follows:

      1, keep the system clean

      Regular replacement of hydraulic oil and oil seal. Good hydraulic oil contains a variety of additives, these additives can prevent oil deterioration or blockage of the system parts. However, these additives will lose their effectiveness after a period of time. Therefore, oil should be replaced regularly to ensure that the additive effect. Filter can only absorb a limited number of dirt particles and other impurities from the oil. Replace the filter according to the recommended cycle in order to keep the system clean.


      2, keep working area clean and

      1) to the fuel tank of gasoline or to oil, should ensure that the filter box cover near the area clean. Only use clean oil and funnel or container. Do not put dirt into the system -- only clean oil.    

      2) maintenance of hydraulic system of hydraulic manual handling car, only will clean plastic bulkhead used to seal the pipe end.    

      3) maintenance of hydraulic components, the working table must be absolutely clean. Check the status of the use of tools. They should also be very clean.

      3, maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil

      The oil stored in a clean place, must be cautious when oil or gas. Can only use the clean hopper with a fine grid filter to pour oil from the container into the truck. Of course, you need to use the oil must be the type of equipment manufacturers recommend. The operation of manual hydraulic van small hydraulic device, simple, easy to use. The handle design conforms to the human body engineering principle, has three big functions: to enhance, to carry, to lay down. Integral casting cylinder, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, high quality steel plate, chrome piston rod, the internal relief valve to provide overload protection, down speed control, valve core using the whole piece, reduce maintenance costs. Is a good helper for the workshop cargo handling.


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