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      Methods choose the quality of electric forklift casters

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      Methods choose the quality of electric forklift casters

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      Methods choose the quality of electric forklift casters

      There are many methods of electric forklift casters, different factors determine the casters choice, the key is to choose the most suitable for your use. Methods the following recommended several options for electric forklift casters.  

      First, capacity according to the design load to determine the bearing capacity of single casters need. The bearing capacity of the caster is casters are the most basic and critical requirements, should have a safety margin.    

      Second, the rotation flexibility high precision ball bearing operation is particularly smooth and flexible, especially suitable for high-end equipment and quiet environment; Gunther spirit bearing quality DuPont engineering plastics manufacturing widely used all kinds of corrosive medium; needle bearing elaborate under pressure still relaxed;

      In order to protect the beautiful floors, please rubber, polyurethane and super artificial rubber casters with soft; to avoid leaving ugly on the ground round of India, please choose the special gray rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, rubber and other super artificial wheel printing wheel......



      Third, the use of field conditions according to the actual working conditions of wheel material suitable casters. In the rough ground, should wear, elastic rubber, polyurethane or super artificial rubber wheels; in special high temperature or low temperature, or great working environment temperature, should choose metal wheels or special heat-resistant wheels; in preventing static electricity accumulation place, the best use of special antistatic wheels, can also use metal wheel (if the ground does not require protection words); there are a lot of corrosive media in the work environment, should choose accordingly has good corrosion resistance of the wheel. On the basis of working environment of the caster adaptability, selected the most suitable model.    

      Fourth, the temperature requirements of the cold and heat on many wheels are likely to cause trouble, the best choice of the wheel with the ambient temperature.    

      Fifth, other according to a variety of special requirements, you can choose the appropriate accessories. As the dust cap, sealing ring and antiwind cover can keep casters rotating parts clean, prevent various fiber tangles, make long-term use of flexible casters still unabated; single and double button brake device can effectively prevent the wheel rotation and steering, so you can stay in any position.    

      Jingxin lifting equipment Co. Ltd is a professional R & D, production car type electric forklift, full (half) electric forklift truck, 2 tons of electric forklift handling lifting equipment: electric forklift manufacturers selling 400-0253-166.

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