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      Handling car how much money?

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      Handling car how much money?

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      Handling car how much money?

       How to choose and buy. The purchase method of electronic scale truck:,

       electronic forklift truck scale range: 

       1, weighing sensor in actual use, should consider the weighbridge weighing body weight and vibration, shock, partial load etc.. Therefore, the principle of weighing sensor measuring range is different in different weighing systems. As a general rule, can be selected according to the following measures: (a scale fixed load, variable load (containers) to weigh the load weighing sensor rated load) < = *60%. 

       2, weighing sensor static weighing system of fixed load (weighing platform, container load (change) to weigh the load) weighing sensor rated load weighing sensor number *60% *. (60% of the coefficients are considered vibration, shock, partial load and other factors. In the selection of weighing sensor range, we should also pay attention to the following matters. First of all, the weighing sensor selection capacity should be in line with the standard product manufacturers value in a series, otherwise, the non standard products are not only the price is high, but after the damage is difficult to replace, secondly, in the same weighing system, are not allowed to use electronic loadometer weighing sensor, rated load or system will be different, not working properly. In addition, the so-called variable load is the actual load on the load of the load. 

       If there is a time multiplier or double reduction mechanism (such as a lever system), the impact should be taken into consideration. Two, electronic scale truck structure, type selection in electronic weighing, weighing sensor selection, structure type, main structure and use of electronic weighing instrument of environmental conditions. If you want to order electronic truck scale, the general should use bridge type weighing sensor. Compared with the cantilever beam type weighing sensor, the bridge type weighing sensor has the advantages of convenient installation and debugging, and high static speed of the weighing platform, so the electronic truck scale is often used for bridge type weighing sensors. In addition, if used in the high temperature environment, you should choose a high temperature weighing sensor or weighing sensor with cooling water pipes; if used in the cold area, it should be used with a heating device weighing sensor.


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