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      The main points of the 6 main parts of the whole electric forklift truck

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      The main points of the 6 main parts of the whole electric forklift truck

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      The main points of the 6 main parts of the whole electric forklift truck

      Full electric forklift trucks to buy time, the warranty is generally stated that the vulnerable parts are not warranty; then the pile of high car which belong to the vulnerable part? So that the forklift truck today to share with you the loss of high car parts?

      Drive wheel - AC electric vehicle

      1, wheels

      The wheel material of the pile is generally polyurethane, nylon and rubber. Among them, the polyurethane is widely used because of its abrasion resistance and soft quality. Nylon wheel because of light weight, high hardness, generally applicable to the manual pile of high car or semi electric pile high car. Rubber wheel usage is not very high, generally only for the special needs of users. Wheels because of the move on the ground must be worn, so the general manufacturers are not high sales of the warranty. Even if it is the warranty, the general will only provide 3 months or 6 months of the three pack!





      2, carbon brush

      Has been playing the role of contact or hydraulic motor carbon brush motor brushes, but with a pencil, time worn, so wear off is inevitable. But in general motors to replace a brush can be used for 35 years, so although it is vulnerable, but the replacement frequency is not high!    

      3, battery

      The electric forklift truck battery is generally used lead-acid batteries; chemical reaction inside the battery is generally the active period of the general plastic shell start battery can only be used for 1-2 years, the battery group iron shell installed up generally can be used 700 times of charge and discharge, it also can be used as normal 3 years. Of course, better battery such as import battery can use 1500 times of charge and discharge, BYD iron battery is claimed to be able to use more than 3000 times of charge and discharge, the industry estimated that when forklift forklift trucks have been scrapped, the battery can continue to work. Manufacturers sell a pile of high car, the general battery warranty period is 3-6 months!    

      4, bearing

      Many of the bearings are mounted inside the wheel, the wheel for a change, bearing a lot of knock down, so it will be scrapped. In addition, because the bearings are always wear parts, so basically do not belong to the scope of warranty. However, the general good bearings for 35 years will not be a problem, the import of bearings can be used more than ten years. The lifting cylinder seal

      5, oil seal

      Oil seals are generally acting on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, which plays the role of sealing. With the long time of the piston rod friction, oil seal is only a time to wear off the problem, so generally speaking, the oil seal does not guarantee the. 6, shell

      460 - electric truck cover plastic shell as the plastic shell, but also because the basic damage will cause the human operator bumps the probability of occurrence of this of course, is still very large, so the manufacturer will take it as vulnerable and do not provide three packages of services summary

      All electric forklift truck parts in general is that those who have been wearing something, and that is the technical level to solve things, such as brush, battery etc.. Of course, these vulnerable parts are also accepted by most people!

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