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      How to prevent the occurrence of the control of the guide rail lift platform out of control?

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      How to prevent the occurrence of the control of the guide rail lift platform out of control?

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      How to prevent the occurrence of the control of the guide rail lift platform out of control?    

      Rail type hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of non scissor type hydraulic lifting platform, due to the minimum height of 150-300mm, the most suitable for excavation pit and wells floor openings smaller industrial sites, without the upper hanging point. Guide rail type lifting platform can be used to enhance the goods effectively, imagine if out of control equipment in this process, the consequences will be how, I couldn't imagine. Of course, this situation is not, in order to avoid this risk, must cause the lifting platform out of control to fully grasp, in order to make the appropriate preventive measures, general, guide rail type lifting platform down process is not power, but the use of self gravity to fall, so usually only need press the down button can be decreased by. If out of control, first check the external power supply is normally connected, no electricity in the case of equipment is not up.


      Then check the electrical switch has no connection or poor contact, if everything is in good condition, you can exclude the problem of electrical systems. Then there may be solenoid valve stuck will also appear button failure condition if it is electromagnetic valve problems, you can press a top rod to make electromagnetic lifting platform completely down, and then cleaning and replacement of solenoid valve. Of course, there may be reasons for the blockage of the tubing, so in this small series also to remind the majority of users, we must choose the quality of hydraulic oil.    

      Guide rail type lifting platform is mainly used for goods transport two layers and three layers of industrial workshop, restaurant floor, single and double column, four column and other forms, smooth movement, simple and reliable operation, is to replace hydraulic cargo lift is the most ideal equipment of electric hoist.

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