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      Electric forklift lifting weight smaller by motor driving

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      Electric forklift lifting weight smaller by motor driving

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      Electric forklift lifting weight smaller by motor driving

      Electric forklift goods center on the supporting platform of the vehicle, which makes the electric forklift goods handling process is very smooth. At the same time, electric forklift has the operation performance is very flexible and can be high load operation etc.. At the same time in saving space and other aspects of the use of very good performance. The hoisting mechanism moving along the inner side of the leg track, such forks take goods slightly after lifting a high can be retracted, to ensure stability of the forklift when running. Forklift and straddle forklift truck, are supporting plane cargo weight on the vehicle, due to the good stability. Suitable for workshop and warehouse operation. Forklift lifting weight is small, the motor drive.



      The door frame of electric forklift can take the hoisting mechanism along the inner side of the leg track forward for forks goods. After the fork to take the goods, from a short height, the door frame and the back of the track back to the original location of the inner side of the leg. Forklift used in particular should pay attention to timely and correct maintenance of battery charging battery. Battery charging should pay attention to the method, not only to make the battery power, and can not cause excessive battery charging. In forklift operation, to minimize the use of long time long distance speed when the vehicle is started, after the speed increase, stabilize the accelerator pedal, such as better road conditions, the vehicle will continue to accelerate. When the vehicle needs to be slowed down, the accelerator pedal is loosened, the pedal is lightly stepped, so that the energy can be fully utilized, and if the vehicle has regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy of the deceleration can be recovered. When the vehicle on the ramp down, do not disconnect the motor drive circuit, gently step on the brake pedal, so that the front fork lift truck with a balanced weight forklift and electric crane common characteristics. When the door frame to the top, the focus falls on the fulcrum of the lateral load, then the equivalent electric stacker. The combination of these two properties, the forklift has the advantages of flexibility and high load operation, at the same time, volume and weight does not increase a lot, the car weight does not increase a lot, the car weight is about 500kg, and can save space, reduce the turning radius, suitable for indoor warehouse operation in narrow channel.

      Electric forklift door frame or fork frame can move back and forth, the door frame forklift refers to the operation of gantry drive fork forward, front fork extends to the outside or walk down the goods fork with goods, the goods in the center of the supporting surface; and forklift fork refers to the shelf drive fork forward to the front wheel outside work, walking fork fork drive back to the support plane.

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