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      Battery daily maintenance of electric forklift truck

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      Battery daily maintenance of electric forklift truck

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      Battery daily maintenance of electric forklift truck

      The electric forklift truck is based on the battery energy, to promote the motor lift, drive and walk, the controller adjusts the speed and the steering wheel. Therefore, the operation of the battery forklift truck, electric forklift truck, maintenance and use of the forklift maintenance, life is closely related.

      Daily must always pay attention to check the electric transport car electrolyte is enough, when the liquid level is lower than the rated value, because the electrolyte is too general to cause the battery heat damage, causing the battery is difficult enough power. So as to shorten the service life of the battery. Electric forklift operation may make the battery surface contaminated, often keep the battery surface clean and dry, if not too dirty, can use wet cloth to wipe clean, if very dirty, it will be necessary to remove the battery from the car, put the battery in the acid mold in the clean water and natural cleaning after. Dry. Battery surface dirt will cause leakage. Must always check the battery terminal, wire, etc. the lid easily observed, whether there is corrosion caused by oxidation of junction terminal junction, and wire, and check whether the deformation of the lid, if there is fever, timely troubleshooting.

      The operation of water electric forklift forklift battery: according to the provisions of the level of adding distilled water, and with the standard nuclear scale ruler, not to extend the time between adding water and distilled water too much, too much water will cause leakage of electrolyte overflow. Under normal circumstances is strictly prohibited to add dilute sulfuric acid.

      Charging electric forklift forklift battery: battery charging process will produce gas, should keep charging place of good ventilation, no fire around, at the same time charge generated in the process of oxygen, acid gas will have an impact on the surrounding. During charging, the charging plug unplug the charger will produce arc, closed, can pull the plug. After charging the battery will be stranded around a lot of hydrogen, so do not allow any open flame, should open the battery on the cover for charging. Otherwise there is a risk of explosion. Battery as far as possible to avoid over charge and over discharge. Battery charge and discharge can seriously affect the performance and life of the battery.

      The maintenance of the connecting pole, the conducting wire and the cover must be carried out by the professional and technical personnel designated by the manufacturer. If the half of the electric car is not used, the battery should be sufficient.

      The storage battery of electric forklift truck must be stored in the ventilated and shady place. Not so short; because the rain may cause a short circuit fire, and may have a small amount of hydrogen. For the old battery, should be stored in accordance with the use of storage methods to keep, not easy to throw.



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