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      Key advantages and operation car type electric forklift is introduced

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      Key advantages and operation car type electric forklift is introduced

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      Key advantages and operation car type electric forklift is introduced

      Car type electric forklift is divided into four wheel car type electric forklift trucks and three wheel car type electric forklift, green environmental protection, strong power, the use of low cost, low failure rate, alternative fuel forklift. Mainly used in access to warehouses and shops and goods shelves in the tray and short distance transport; imported electric control unit and hydraulic unit, low noise, no pollution, low failure rate. It has the following advantages:

      1, simple and comfortable operating system, is handy for you. A water tank cover, the maximum opening angle of 75 degrees, the daily maintenance and convenient maintenance of electric forklift. High strength integral hood, ensure the effect of the operator can not be generated by the engine heat. Prevent the door frame drop and anti tilt function, modern electric forklift install the drop control valve and drop safety valve, so as to effectively prevent safety accidents in the workplace. A combination of container type front panel is effectively reduced, the key components of the vibration, improves the reliability of key parts and service life.

      2, car electric forklift, has convenient maintenance system. The engine hood is opened at a glance, engine, battery, air filter, cooling system, convenient for daily inspection and maintenance.

      3, car electric forklift has leading technology, will bring you a comfortable operating environment, let you experience the driving comfortable operation space.

      4, car electric forklift engine system. In strong structure, excellent engine performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, and reliable operation. The lift for you. There are also menace from the rear: super cooling system, effectively prolong the service life of the engine. The more important point is that can prevent slope sliding function to ensure the safe operation.


      Ten operating points of car type electric forklift

      1, trained and licensed drivers can hold open car type electric forklift;

      2, in the open car type electric forklift before check the control and alarm device, if found damaged, to be repaired after operation;

      3, don't handling is not fixed or bulk goods stowed, careful handling of goods of larger size; handling should not exceed the specified load, car type electric forklift fork must be fully inserted into the following goods, and make the goods evenly on the car type electric forklift fork, not allowed to use a single fork tip pick goods; loading the goods should be running low.   

      4, car type electric forklift smoothly starting, steering, driving, braking and stopping in wet or slippery road, turn to slow down;

      5, ramp driving should be careful driving on downhill, avoid steering, pushing the car when driving, car type electric forklift not unloading operations;

      6, car type electric forklift driver should pay attention to pedestrians, road obstacles and potholes, and pay attention to the gap pushed over the car;

      7, do not allow the following actions: standing on the car type electric forklift fork, or car type electric forklift trucks manned, or standing under the fork (or walk on the fork down); or manipulate the vehicle and the driver out from outside the position;

      8, lifting height is greater than the car door frame type electric forklift 3 meters to take protective measures; car type electric forklift work should try to make the door frame back and front and back in a minimum range;

      9, when adding fuel, not the driver in the car, the engine must be stalled, don't check the battery or ignition in the tank level,;

      10, from the car type electric forklift, fork will decline, and the gear handle in a neutral position, the engine flameout and disconnect the power supply, will pull the hand brake, in the parking ramp, must use the wheels of a car pad. Car type electric forklift control using seat type steering wheel, using MOS stepless speed regulation system, the smooth running and has strong climbing performance. Is an ideal tool for outdoor electric stacking, stacking and handling. High performance traction battery and battery capacity display, to maximize the performance of the battery, to extend the battery life. Light and simple operation, in accordance with the human engineering theory, safe and reliable.

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