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      How to prevent and deal with the problem of the noise of the hydraulic lifting platform

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      How to prevent and deal with the problem of the noise of the hydraulic lifting platform

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      How to prevent and deal with the problem of the noise of the hydraulic lifting platform

      Hydraulic lifting platform can be used in the factory, automatic warehouse, parking lot, municipal, wharf, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, high-altitude operations and maintenance of petroleum, chemical industry, hotel, gymnasium, industrial and mining enterprises etc.. Lifting platform lifting system, is driven by hydraulic, it is called the hydraulic lifting platform. Used for a long time, sometimes will produce all kinds of strange noise, makes one feel very hate and even fear, that lifts fast failure, can not continue to use, following Ji'nan HENGQIANG to analyze the causes of noise and processing method:

      In fact, as long as the machinery, with a long time, as long as the lubricating oil less, lubrication is not good, can produce noise, so as long as you understand the reason, we only know how to deal with, and will not have fears.

      In the roller bearing well lubricated driving device 1, lift, roller surface and construction of hydraulic lifting platform main chord is maintained between the grease membrane surface, grease film mask is good to reduce wear and noise reduction effect.



      2, worm gear box should be injected to meet the standards, adequate lubrication, to ensure good lubrication of worm gear and worm.

      3, construction of the hydraulic lifting platform in the drive device of the isolated, buffer rubber intact, fit tight.

      4, the drive plate horizontal adjustment device in the elastic body should ensure that the compression state, so that the gear has a certain radial constraints, to ensure that the gear and the rack in the full run, always better meshing.

      5, the driver is coaxial with the worm shaft of the motor shaft of the shaft end should be less than 0.1mm, 2mm clearance, to ensure that the motor bearing load, reduce motor noise; motor brake retaining bearing intact.

      Hydraulic lifting platform noise so far, only to prevent, to minimize the problems caused by the people. We also look forward to the future to produce a noise free hydraulic lifting platform.

      Hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of multifunctional lifting and loading machinery and equipment. Hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into: four wheel mobile lifting platform, two wheel traction type lifting platform, car modification type lifting platform, hand push type lifting platform, a lifting platform, AC-DC lifting platform, a cable car lift platform, self-propelled scissors lifting platform, elevating platform, diesel car modification engine crank arm self elevating platform, folding arm type lifting platform, fixed lifting platform, cylinder type lifting platform, Aluminum Alloy lifting platform, lifting height from 1 meters to 30 meters. Can also be customized according to user requirements special specifications of the lifting platform.

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