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      Transport vehicles as the most common logistics handling equipmen

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      Transport vehicles as the most common logistics handling equipmen

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      Transport vehicles as the most common logistics handling equipment, 

      long with the social and economic development has been for decades. People now work as an indispensable tool, with the continuous development of car market, people on the efficiency of handling car at work also attaches great importance to modern society, because unlike the previous economic development is relatively slow, now if you can not keep up the work efficiency could be the loss of a large part of the customer and the economic benefits then, the customers to buy trucks, is certainly the choice of good performance, high working efficiency.


      Two. The advanced nature of the electric forklift mainly refers to the advanced nature of equipment technology, mainly in the aspects of automation, environmental protection, operating conditions and so on. But advanced nature must serve the applicability, in particular, to be practical, to achieve the maximization of economic benefits.

      Three, the principle of minimum cost this is mainly refers to the low cost of equipment, the entire life cycle cost is low. Sometimes, the advanced nature and low cost will conflict, which requires the logistics enterprises in the full consideration of the applicability of the basis for the balance, make a reasonable choice.

      Four, the principle of reliability and security has increasingly become the choice of equipment, the main factor to measure the quality of equipment. Reliability refers to the ability of the equipment to complete the required functions as required, is the stability and maintenance of the equipment function in time. But the reliability is not possible, must take into account the cost. The safety of the equipment in the use of the process to ensure the safety of people and goods, and as far as possible not to harm the environment (in line with environmental requirements, less noise, less pollution). Right on the new forklift for inspection and maintenance is the key to ensure the progress of work, electric forklift before use of the related parameters and the configuration of the inspection to ensure the safety and efficiency of forklift work.

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