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      What is the difference in the performance of the commonly used electric car? ?

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      What is the difference in the performance of the commonly used electric car? ?

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      What is the difference in the performance of the commonly used electric car?  

      Electric stacker is also available for two categories: full electric stacker and semi electric stacker. Manual hydraulic forklift truck is a kind of no pollution, no power handling products, the product has the advantages of compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation, small turning radius and other characteristics. Suitable for factory, workshop, warehouse, station, wharf and other places of cargo handling and stacking. For those with fire protection, explosion proof requirements of the site (such as the printing workshop, oil depot, terminal, warehouse, etc.) is more applicable.  

      Semi electric stacker rose to electric, drop into hydraulic, push and pull by human walking. In the road surface is good, do not need to move or very short distance when the choice of half electric pile high car is more economical. Compared with the full electric dump truck, its ultra low price, with its superior performance, become the first choice for many users. Door frame and door frame structure design, and semi electric forklift loading and short distance transport of goods has the function, comfort, simple operation, high stability, low noise, no pollution, low failure rate. Suitable for high load demand.



      All electric car electric pile up the electric power down, walking is also an electric walking. When you often need to walk up and down the long distance, it is to use the full electric car. Flexible working in narrow channel, can reduce the labor intensity of the traditional human move unloading, improve cargo handling efficiency, widely used in machinery, food, medicine, shopping malls, supermarkets and other modern logistics warehouse pallets and cargo handling, storage and handling.

      The electric car is a kind of storage equipment, which uses the battery power as the energy source and the motor as the power source. The main structure includes: storage battery, motor, hydraulic pump, cylinder, piston rod, fork, chain, controller and so on. Its main function is to lift the weight to the desired height. Generally used in the warehouse, workshop and other places need logistics transportation, with the use of pallets, can greatly improve the efficiency of storage. So the electric car is also referred to as the high electric vehicle.

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