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      Electric forklift battery using points

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      Electric forklift battery using points

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      Electric forklift battery using points

       electric forklift used in particular should pay attention to timely and correct maintenance of battery charging battery. Battery charging should pay attention to the method, not only to make the battery power, and can not cause excessive battery charging.    

      In the electric vehicle operation, to minimize the use of long time long distance speed when the vehicle is started, after the speed increase, stabilize the accelerator pedal, such as better road conditions, the vehicle will continue to accelerate. When the vehicle needs to be slowed down, the accelerator pedal is loosened, the pedal is lightly stepped, so that the energy can be fully utilized, and if the vehicle has regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy of the deceleration can be recovered. When the vehicle in the ramp down, do not disconnect the motor drive circuit, gently step on the brake pedal, so that the vehicle running in the regenerative braking state, the use of the vehicle down the kinetic energy, reduce the battery energy consumption.



      Electric forklift battery use note

      1, the battery will produce hydrogen, there may be caused by the explosion, is strictly prohibited in the battery near the smoking, no flame or spark generated. The battery in the storage or charge must be in a well ventilated place, but not in the exhaust outlet, to avoid the corrosion of acid mist.

      2, the battery liquid contains corrosive liquid, it may cause serious burns, should avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothes. In the event of an accident, please rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

      3, in the inspection or maintenance of the battery, please use the rubber gloves, to avoid suffering from shock.

      4, the battery surface or connection must be kept clean. The dust and impurities must be cleaned with a damp cloth, otherwise it will even lead to leakage, fire.

      5, the battery must be clean, with a wet cloth, do not use dry cloth.

      6, the battery positive and negative electrodes do not use tools and so on.

      7, the electrolyte temperature when charging do not exceed 50O, so as to avoid the damage caused by the electrolyte overflow, especially in the summer day to pay attention to.

      8, unplug the battery tap, in order to avoid sparking, be sure to turn off the charger switch.

      9, electrolytic liquid level is not less than the minimum limit, otherwise the battery is easy to heat, easy to burn.

      10, children do not close.

      In the operation of electric forklift truck, the direction switch of "forward and backward" is not used as a steering switch. Don't go straight to the end unless you need to slow down. In the course of vehicle application, when the battery is not enough, the battery can be charged, and the battery can be charged as soon as possible.

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