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      We ride electric fork technology professional maintenance vehicle operation

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      We ride electric fork technology professional maintenance vehicle operation

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      Car type electric forklift forklift to work reliably, forklift play potential ability, there must be regular maintenance measures. Technical maintenance measures, generally:

      1, daily maintenance, work in every class.

      2, a technical maintenance, a total of 100 hours after work, a class of 2 weeks of work.

      3, two technical maintenance, a total of 500 hours after work, a class of work system is equivalent to a quarter.


      A car, electric forklift maintenance

      1, cleaning dirt, mud and dirt on the forklift, the key parts are: fork frame and frame slide, generator and starter, battery electrode column, water tank, air filter fork.

      2, check the various parts of the fastening situation, the focus is: goods fork support, lifting chain tension screw, wheel screw, wheel fixed pin, brake, steering gear screw.

      3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the steering gear.

      4, check the leakage, the focus is: the pipe joint, diesel oil tank, oil tank, lifting cylinder, brake pump, water tank, water pump, tilt cylinder, engine oil pan, torque converter, transmission and drive axle main reducer, hydraulic steering, steering cylinder.

      5, tire pressure check: inadequate should be added to the specified value, confirmed that no leakage. Check the tire ground and the side of the ground with no damage, whether the deformation of the wheel rim.

      6, brake fluid, water check: check whether the brake fluid in the scale range, and check the brake pipe is mixed with air. When the brake fluid is added, the dust and water are prevented from mixing. When adding water to the water tank, the use of clean water, if the use of antifreeze, should be filled with the same antifreeze. The water temperature is higher than 70 DEG C, do not open the tank lid, open the lid, a piece of cloth, do not wear gloves screw cap.

      7, engine oil, hydraulic oil, electrolyte check: Unplug the oil dipstick, wipe the ulnar head after insertion pulled out again check the oil level is in the two line between. Working in the oil tank oil level should be between the two lines; the oil is too little, the pipeline may be mixed with air, too much will overflow from the cover. Also in the battery electrolyte on the scale line, enough to add distilled water to the top line.

      8, brake pedal, micro pedal, clutch pedal, hand brake check: step on the pedal, check whether there is abnormal slow or blocked. The force of the hand brake handle should be less than 300N to confirm the safety and reliability of the hand brake.

      9, belts, speakers, lights, instruments and other inspection: check the tightness of the belt is in line with the provisions, there is no adjustment margin or damaged cracks, to be replaced; speakers, lights, instruments should be normal and effective.

      10, put the oil filter sediment.

      Two, car type electric forklift professional and technical maintenance

      In accordance with the "daily maintenance" project, and add the following work.

      1, check the cylinder pressure or vacuum degree.

      2, check and adjust the valve clearance.

      3, check the thermostat is working properly.

      4, check the multi directional valve, lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work is normal.

      5, check the transmission shift work is normal.

      6. Check and adjust the clearance between the brake pad and brake drum of the hand and foot brake.

      7, the replacement of oil sump oil, check the crankcase ventilation to take over is intact, clean the oil filter and diesel filter element.

      8, check the generator and starter motor are firmly installed, and the connection head is clean and firm, there is no wear check brush and commutator.

      9, check the tightness of the fan belt.

      10, check the wheel installation is firm, tire pressure is attached to the requirements, and the removal of the debris embedded in the face.

      11, due to maintenance work. When re assembled parts, forklift to road test.

      (1) the braking performance of different level, should be no deviation, hunting. On the steep slope, hand brake tight, can reliably stop.

      (2) listen to the engine in the case of acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no-load operation, there is no exception to the normal sound.

      (3) a road test mileage, should check the brake, transmission, front axle housing and gear pump has no overheating.

      (4) the cargo fork lift speed is normal, there is no trembling.

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