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      How to maintain the hydraulic lift goods ladder?

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      How to maintain the hydraulic lift goods ladder?

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      Scissor lift maintenance in each season are not the same, because of the temperature difference is not the same, so in the winter, should choose the correct methods of maintenance and maintenance work, because the winter weather is cold, can cause the device because of the influence of the temperature there will be a variety of adverse phenomenon, so the maintenance it is important to understand and maintenance work, scissor lift in the winter to maintain?

      In the winter of 1 at low temperature, the main stress components of shear fork lift data not only to meet the strength requirements, must also meet the onslaught of toughness application. The welding structure of the high temperature stress component has great influence on the welding thermal stress and the stress distribution, so the layout of the platform should be decided.




      But the winter of 2 scissor lift hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil viscosity is very important, stick Du is too high, so that the internal bickering resistance increases, at low temperature, hydraulic oil will not good quality to make smooth performance difference between parts, the resistance movement will increase, and the damaged parts, low temperature be extra careful with hydraulic oil.

      3 smooth oil, transmission, transfer case, driving bridge, hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism under low temperature, oil viscosity should be creamy high and low pour point, smooth and good gear oil, otherwise it will incur transmission orders apparently low, transmission parts wear increased, the gearbox and the transfer case to dominate the heavy and difficult shift.

      Non electric professional personnel shall not be arbitrarily dismantling electrical appliances, in case of electric shock or mistake. Need to enter the lift platform below the working platform, it is necessary to lift the lifting platform. To prevent the sudden drop in the lift, causing casualties;

      Non professional personnel shall not be arbitrarily adjusted relief valve, hydraulic system of each element is under the specified pressure, any adjustment relief valve, the hydraulic system may be caused by abnormal operation. There will be unnecessary damage to people, machine, material; before unloading any part of the hydraulic system, must first pressure relief, in order to avoid pressure oil spray, table suddenly fall; corresponding movement between the components are filling lubricant, prolong the service life of the bearing; check the hydraulic oil level and oil. Lift table full rise. In this position, the hydraulic oil level should be higher than the 40-50 mm. Whether the hydraulic pressure machine is dark, sticky or gravel and other foreign bodies, such as the discovery should be replaced in a timely manner 120# hydraulic oil.

      In the winter to shear fork lift normal must to do the maintenance work, the work will not only improve the speed, but also help to extend the service life of the lifting elevator, bring greater benefits at the same time the enterprise will, hydraulic cargo lift in the winter to maintain?

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