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      Lifting platform car Encyclopedia

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      Lifting platform car Encyclopedia

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      Lifting platform vehicle is used for high altitude operation maintenance of lifting machinery and equipment, the product has a solid structure, flexible movement, stable lifting, convenient operation, large load capacity, etc.. For aerial work units to provide convenient.

      Lifting platform vehicle is divided into: scissor lift platform, Aluminum Alloy type lifting platform vehicle, cylinder type lifting platform, gtbz, fixed lifting platform, mobile elevating platform, stage lifting platform car etc..

      Lifting platform vehicle use: scissors type lifting platform is a vertical lift, indoor and outdoor use of a wide range of high-altitude operation of special equipment. Can be widely used in equipment maintenance, stations, docks, bridges, halls, plant indoor and outdoor machinery installation, equipment maintenance, construction and maintenance.


      Electric lifting platform hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment, and has the function of automatic walking in different working conditions, no external power supply, does not need manual traction, flexible movement, convenient operation, easy lifting, only one person can move forward and backward, steering, fast and slow walking speed and so on, labor saving. Particularly suitable for stations, docks, airports, stadiums, large-scale enterprises, such as a larger range of high-altitude operations, is currently the most ideal high-altitude operating equipment in the country.

      Stage lifting platform is widely used in professional opera house, dance theater, drama theater. The company can design and manufacture special products according to the user's requirements. Fast moving need to change the scenery; meet the needs of the stage layout; meet the needs of stage design and repertoire directing staff; according to the needs of the story, and create an atmosphere of special effects; according to different schools performance demand, change the form of the stage; the vertical transportation of goods; the maximum extent to meet the need of performance.

      The curved arm type lifting platform is an alternative to the vertical and shear fork lift platform. With self walking, self supporting legs, simple operation, easy to use, large operating surface, especially the ability to cross a certain obstacle or a lift can be carried out at the characteristics of multi high-altitude operation. Widely used in roads, docks, stadiums, shopping malls, residential property, factories, workshops and other large-scale operations.

      Lifting platform vehicle features: fork lift platform is mainly used for the logistics industry, production line, the floor to the floor of the cargo lifting, loading and unloading, can also be used to lift the stage, the lifting of the operating platform, etc.. The product has the advantages of stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, high safety, high efficiency, simple and convenient maintenance.

      Large stage lifting platform features: 1, the hydraulic lifting platform is compact and stable, can be adapted to the high frequency of continuous operation.

      2, high stability, can meet the large tonnage cargo smooth lifting. Hydraulic lifting platform with anti - attached, overload protection of the hydraulic system, to ensure safe operation.

      3, hydraulic lifting platform, ball bearing, roller rotary table of arbitrary configuration, can satisfy different working requirements. Single column type aerial work platform for single ascending operation, single set of high strength Aluminum Alloy mast lifting, light weight, good flexibility, compact structure, can enter the car general elevator and narrow channel between the mast guide rail device specially designed, stable lifting freely, leg structure of dual protection, make the altitude the operation platform is more secure, and close to the working face lifting operation. Can be equipped with accessories: door frame, step with auxiliary device. Power supply: single AC, DC or AC dual purpose. The single mast lifting platform for no more than two people at the same time climbing, have good carrying capacity, two groups of mast supporting platform synchronous lifting, integral lifting guardrail device, good strength, easy handling, operation platform through a lifting can be assembled or disassembled, a column is also has the advantages of convenient and flexible. Upper leg structure with single column type work platform is the same.

      Self walking type lifting platform car is a battery driven walking, can control the platform to walk and turn on the platform. Is currently the most advanced aerial equipment, the highest height can walk, pothole protection system provides maximum safety, operation has automatic ground clearance, safety, make indoor operation to be carried out, solid, reliable, easy maintenance, standard parts, no traces of the tire, wheel speed, slope alarm, free turning device, charging indicator, timer, emergency descent system.


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