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      Tank truck to replace human labor, improve production efficiency!

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      Tank truck to replace human labor, improve production efficiency!

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      Tank truck has a good performance and cost-effective products

      Tank truck industry, many leading enterprises in the layout of the domestic market at the same time, through the acquisition of foreign well-known tank truck enterprises and research institutions, or through overseas promotion and international standards, improve its resources strength, speed up the layout of the international market. In addition to take the road of mergers and acquisitions, is committed to technological innovation, to create high-end products can not be ignored. With the pace of economic development of our country gradually slowed down, the development of tank truck industry has entered the process of becoming more and more difficult, and when we looked to our neighboring countries, with the infrastructure project to carry out a large number of the increased demand for their truck equipment on drums, and our tank truck products good performance and the price, as they are the best choice for our country, this tank truck enterprises, is undoubtedly a better market.


      Automatic tank truck is representative of fourth generation truck or AGVS, AGVS is expected to get a wide range of applications in this century in 50s, is an effective means of transport logistics in the flexible manufacturing system and automatic storage system, modern AGV is controlled by the computer, most of the AGVS system with centralized control and management of computer. In the process of AGV operation optimization, handling instructions issued, tracking in the transmission component and control AGV route, AGV guidance method mainly has the electromagnetic induction guide, laser guide and magnet gyro guidance, can give AGV programmable input guided vehicle complete handling work, is a kind of intelligent the truck is relatively high.

      Tank truck guide includes electromagnetic induction guide, laser guide and magnet gyro guidance, the rapid development of the laser guidance, but electromagnetic induction magnet gyro guidance mode guide and a large proportion of. Electromagnetic induction guide is the use of low frequency guide cable to form the electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic sensing device to guide the operation of unmanned vehicle. Automated warehousing systems, large supermarkets have been established to stimulate the growth of the demand for indoor handling machinery. Rapid development of high performance electric vehicle. In order to work as much as possible to replace human labor with machines, improve production efficiency, to meet the requirements of city construction and the use of a narrow place, wharf, warehouse, building space, farmhouse, layer and underground engineering work, small and mini truck has been useless, and got a faster development. There is also an articulated truck, which is mainly used for the transportation of materials in the narrow tunnel.

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